Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sponsor a Child

Introduce health education to the population, by providing health education materials and instruction about what is happening in the world of preventive health. Providing equipment and school supplies to schools affiliated with Project 2000 International. The problem of access to education, fair treatment must be addressed and solved. Building a secondary schools, training and adequate remuneration for educators, social and economic factors that determine access and the abandonment of school: direct and indirect costs incurred by families, external assessment of performance of education by families ... The access problems must also be addressed in terms of equity, reducing disparities for the most vulnerable and the most remote areas. Your help can greatly help reduce the disparities stated above. Please help us collect pens, copy books, computers or make a donation today.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sustainable Agriculture, can you help?

Project 2000 International seeks to establish an alternative agricultural system in Haiti emphasizing comprehensive technical training in combination with the acquisition of modern farming tools and equipment. This proposed marriage of enhanced training and equipment is expected to equip farmers currently employing primitive methods and working non-productive land with the tools and knowledge necessary to increase productivity and employ sustainable cultivation techniques.
Agriculture in a sense is still practiced as if we were in the dark ages because of the inaccessibility of tools, seed, fertilizers, and adequate irrigation systems to assist the farmers. Having some backhoe loaders, tools, seeds, fertilizers, as well as an irrigation system to assist the farmers will bring much needed life to communities that are in dire need of help. Project 2000 International remains open to any other kind of help that anyone including corporations and foundations are able to offer as assistance for the betterment of the lives of the Haitian people.
Our challenge remains the acquisition of modern farming equipment, funding for fertilizer, seedlings, and an irrigation system for higher crop yield. Until we overcome these challenges with the infusion of funding, our crop yield will remain low and the effectiveness of the introduction of better farming methodology will be suppressed. Funding is needed in order to take the program to the next level. The approach has been proven; all that is now needed is the funding to roll out the next phase of implementation.
The pilot farm program is replicable and scalable on all levels. Success and demonstrable benefits from the project will help the knowledge and techniques spread to other areas of Haiti. Similar weather patterns across much of the country (with the exception of the west) also ensure that the techniques can be adopted with little modification. The success of replication lies in the pledge of farmers to engage with farmers outside the initially targeted community. Scalability is only limited by resources to enlarge irrigation systems and secure modern farming tools. As the program succeeds and farmers are able to earn regular income from the marketability of their crops, they are more able to purchase some of the smaller ticket items that will enhance productivity such as seedlings and fertilizer.